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Where to get Form W-2?

Form W-2 reports wage and salary paid to employees by an employer. It is an IRS form but just like the W-3, those who wish to complete it electronically must use the Social Security Administration website. The Business Services Online allows employers to use the fill-in versions of W-2 to complete the form and print off after they’re done.

If you’re not going to file it electronically, you can print off the Form W-2 by clicking here. The form is in the PDF format so you can view, download, or print off directly off of your browser without the need for any third-party software.

Filing W-2 Electronically

Filing W-2 online can be done by using Business Services Online on Social Security Administration website. Employers who have over 250 forms in their hands to complete must file electronically. If you have under 250 forms, you are exempt from this.

Regardless of how many W-2 you need to file, we strongly recommend doing it online as it will take less time and effort. This will also allow you to verify your employee’s Social Security Numbers so you don’t make any when filing the Form W-2 with the BSO.

Register to Business Services Online and complete the registration by detailing your Personal Information and Contact Information. You’ll need to detail

  • Full Name
  • Date of Birth
  • SSN
    • Don’t have a Social Security Number? Leave it empty.

Once you’re done, complete the phone registration with the User ID you’re given. From there on start completing the W-2 or any other forms that the BSO allows you to electronically. You can then print out copies for your employees and your records, or for state and local governments.

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