Where is My Stimulus Check? – IRS Get My Payment

Where is My Stimulus Check - IRS Get My Payment

The Internal Revenue Service started handing out stimulus payments months ago but there are still people who haven’t received their stimulus checks. If you’re one of them, the only way to check the status of your stimulus payment is through the IRS Get My Payment. If you’ve tracked the status of your tax refund in the past, you can use the IRS Get My Payment to see the current status of your payment.

This tool is easy to use and the only reliable way to check your stimulus payment. This tool can be used for both the first and the second stimulus payments that are on the way.

Before we get to how to track the status of a stimulus payment, make sure that you’re eligible for one. The income threshold will be determined based on your 2019 tax return. If you haven’t filed one yet, your 2018 tax return will be used to determine eligibility.

Those who are single, the phaseout begins at $75,000. For joint filers, this is $150,000. The stimulus payments completely phase out if the income is more than $99,000 for singles or $198,000 for joint filers. The “income” here refers to the adjusted gross income which is not your actual income but the income you are taxed.

As long as you’re eligible, you will get your stimulus payment sooner or later. Here is how you can check the status of your stimulus payment.

Go to IRS Get My Payment.

Click on Get My Payment and fill out the verification form which includes Social Security Number or Individual Tax Identification Number, Date of Birth, ZIP code, and Date of Birth. Then, click on CONTINUE and you will see the current status of your tax return.

If you will receive your stimulus payment in the form of a check, you will receive a debit card, not an actual check. This is for those who don’t have their bank account information on the IRS. This can happen if you’ve never detailed your bank account information to the IRS and received tax refunds as a check or never filed a tax return.

Want your stimulus payment to be sent to your bank account? Contact the IRS. However, if the stimulus payment is already sent, it is too late and you will have to withdraw money from the debit card you’re given.

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