W-2 Tax Form Printable 2020

W-2 Form

There are multiple documents and forms that need to be filed when an individual starts working at a company. W-2 Form is one of them and it is mandatory for employers to complete. It reports the wages paid to the employees and taxes withheld from their pay. The Form W-2 must be completed for each employee the entity pays a salary or wage. This does not include freelancers or private contractors the business hires.

For that, the Form W-9, Request for Taxpayer Identification Number must be used. Since the W-2 is directly related to tax, it must be completed without any errors and it can be vital when calculating the taxable income of the employee.

How to get printable W-2 Form from the IRS

Just like any other agency of the federal government, the Internal Revenue Services is responsible for providing the documents and forms that every individual or company needs to fulfill their duties. This includes the W-2 or any other form for that matter.

Finding the W-2 Form can be challenging as there are many forms that are alike and you may end up with getting the instructions for the form rather than the form itself. You can get the IRS Form W-2 by clicking the link below.


As an employer, you can file the form online through the Social Security Agency’s employer page. Form W-2 must be completed before January 31st which is typically when the tax season starts. If you don’t complete it by then, the IRS may take the side of the employee and you may be subjected to penalties.

If you’re late, you will have 30 days starting from the due date. Although you will still be paying a penalty, it will be a maximum of $50 per each instance:

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