W-2 Replacement Form 4852

W-2 Form Replacement Form 4852

The Internal Revenue Service requires employers to report wage, salary, or any other compensation paid to employees on Form W-2. Once the form is received by employees, they can file their tax returns accurately. The Form W-2 not only shows income paid to employees throughout the year but their tax withholding from their paychecks as well.

All employers must complete and send the employee’s their W-2 before January 31st. Although it is a rare occasion in cases, sometimes W-2 isn’t received by employees even after the due date. If an employee hasn’t received their W-2 but wants to file their taxes without requesting a tax extension, they must use Form 4852, Substitute for Form W-2.

If you’re going to fill out a Form 4852, we recommend using your final pay stub to complete the form properly as it will give enough details about your pay. Along with your name, address, SSN, employer information, the Form 4752 will want you to detail your income and tax withholdings.

Form 4852 Line 7

On the form, enter your

  • Wages, Tips, and Other Compensation
  • Social Security Wages
  • Medicare Wages and Tips
  • Social Security Tips
  • Federal Income Tax Withheld
  • State Income Tax Withheld
  • Local Income Tax Withheld
  • Social Security Tax Withheld
  • Medicare Tax Withheld

Form 4852 Line 8

Entering the information above on Form 4852 will give enough details to the IRS to complete your tax return but it’s not finished there. You’ll also need to detail

  • Gross Distribution
  • Taxable Amount
  • Total Distribution
  • Capital Gain and
    • Federal, State, Local Income Tax Withheld
  • Employee Contributions and Distribution Codes

After these parts are done, explain briefly on the form how you determined the amounts on Line 7 and 8 and explain your efforts to obtain W-2, W-2c, or Form 1099-R, whichever you’re missing that now you’re completing Form 4852.

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