SSA Business Services Online W-2

SSA Business Services Online W-2

The online filing of W-2 Forms is done at Social Security’s website. The agency offers free filing of W-2 Wage and Tax Statement form. Employers can file W-2 forms by hand but if you’re going to submit more than 250 W-2s, you must use the Business Services Online (BSO) at Social Security Administration’s website.

Just like most other IRS forms, the W-2 has a filing deadline. Employers must file and give a copy of each employee’s completed W-2s so they can file their taxes. If you haven’t received your W-2 by your employer by January 31st, you can use the Form 4852 to file your taxes without your W-2.

How to use BSO?

Before you begin with filing W-2 forms, you must register Business Services Online. Upon registering, you’ll receive a User ID. Make sure to save it because you will need it. After the first step of the registration is complete, begin the phone registration. Make sure to use your own personal phone number that is issued under your name.

After that, you can begin filing up to 250 W-2 Forms. One of the best features of Business Services Online is that you will be able to see and verify the Social Security Number of your employees. If this is your first time filing W-2 Forms, you may be in need of assistance. By following the link below, you can see

Instructions for Filing at BSO 2020

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