SSA Business Services Online Form W-2

SSA Business Services Online Form W-2

Under federal law, all employers must complete a W-2 for each employee they have to report wage, salary, and any other compensation paid to the employers. The form also details employee’s tax withholdings throughout the year.

Employees will use their W-2 to prepare their tax returns accurately. Without it, they may find themselves in trouble with filling out their 1044. That’s why the IRS makes it mandatory for all employers to complete each employee’s W-2 before the tax season begins. So if you’re an employee, you’ll have time till January 31st to send your employees their W-2.

Form W-2 is an IRS form but to file it electronically, employers must use the Social Security Administration’s Business Services Online. We’ve covered one article explaining it briefly on Form W-2 instructions. If you’re just beginning to file your employee’s W-2s first time or in need of an extra hand, find out how to complete everything smoothly.

Using BSO to File W-2 Electronically

To begin with the submission of W-2, create a Business Services Online account if you don’t have one already.

BSO Sign Up Page

When registering, you’ll only need to detail your Full Name, Date of Birth, Social Security Number, Address and contact information. Then use the User ID that was issued to you during the registration process to complete the phone registration.

After your registration is complete, you can then verify your employee’s identity to start filling out their W-2.

Is this your first time completing W-2? See the full instructions we’ve made for the 2019 tax year.

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