Online Printable W-2 Forms

Online Printable W2 Forms

The Internal Revenue Service requires all employers to report wages paid to their employees and taxes withheld from their pay. It not only helps the IRS calculate the worker’s taxes, but it also ensures that the employee pays taxes on all levels of income such as tips and other compensation outside of their salary.

As an employee, you can request your W-2 from your employee or simply access it online if your employer has given you the online access. If you find yourself unable to log in and get your W-2 Form, you can contact your employer or the human resources department. Again, as an employee, you cannot complete the W-2 Form by yourself. Instead, it must be done by the employer which will show your income from the job along with your Social Security earnings, Federal and State taxes withheld from you, and Medicare earnings if you have any.

All of these will be combined to calculate what tax bracket you fall into, therefore you pay the right tax amount for your income. After the tax season ends, once you get your complete W-2 Form, you can see how much taxes withheld from you and calculate your tax refund properly without the need of the IRS.

How to get printable W-2 Form online?

Just like any other agency of the federal government, the IRS is obligated to provide the documents and forms for both employees and employers to complete their tax-duties. Although it may feel like finding a needle in a haystack, you can use the IRS website to get yourself the printable version of W-2 Form.

From the link down below, you can get the PDF version of the form; and view, download, or print directly from your browser without using third-party software.

Printable W-2:

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