Fillable and Printable W-2 Form

Fillable and Printable W2 Forms

Form W-2 is used to report the earnings such as wage and salary to the IRS, it even includes the tips they receive. This is one of the ways that the IRS ensures everybody is on the right track with their taxes. As an employee, your information on Form W-2 is very sensitive and important when you prepare your tax return.

You can almost only use your Form W-2 to prepare your taxes as it has all the information you need about your annual income. Your W-2 also reports your state income so it makes everything easier when you prepare your state income tax. That’s of course if you’re living in a state with income tax.

Where can I fill my W-2?

Just like any other agency of the federal government, the Internal Revenue Service offers all of the forms and documents that you need on their website for free. However, the real challenge comes when you need to find them as the search bar isn’t always that helpful.

You can click here to open up the IRS Tax Form W-2.

From there on you can complete the form by hand if you’re going to mail it. However, if you’re going to file your W-2, we suggest using a PDF Editor to complete the form. This way, you won’t have to scan your complete W-2 and upload it. If you need to learn how to complete the W-2 by yourself, visit our front page to visit the selection of articles where we guide you every step of the way.

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