Blank W-2 Form Printable

Blank W2 Form Printable

Every employer is required to report the wages paid to employees and taxes withheld from their pay by using the W-2 Form. If you fail to file the W-2 or fail to file it on time, there is a $50 penalty for each instance you did not complete the form as an employer. However, there is a cap. The maximum penalty as of 2020 for small businesses is $187,500 and $536,00 for other businesses.

Although it would require thousands of missing W-2 Forms to reach the penalty limit, it is to protect companies and businesses from errors that may occur in the workplace regarding personnel files.

Since it must be completed by the employer so that the employees can file their taxes properly, a blank copy of W-2 Form would be useless in the hands of an employee and the IRS may reject it and even in some cases, employees can be penalized for tax evasion.

Where to get blank W-2 Form?

The Internal Revenue Service or any other agency of the government for that matter provides each and every document for free on their websites. From the useful links below, you can get a blank copy of W-2 Form to print, view, and download.

Download Blank W-2 IRS Form

Instructions for completing the W-2 IRS Form

If you’re an employee and in need of your W-2 Form but can’t reach your employer, here is what you should do.

In a case like this, first and foremost, you must contact the IRS for help. You can either visit the nearest IRS Taxpayer Assistance Center or call them by dialing 1-800-829-1040. Taking action by either one of the ways, the IRS will handle your W-2 Form and complaint on your side.

Need more information on W-2 Form and other IRS Forms? You can visit to learn how to get W-4 Form along with instructions and for Employment Eligibility Verification form.

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